Here are the office's "Annual Review in Endocrinology."

This information is not intend to be a comprehensive review. Nor is this information intended to be used to guide you when make treatment decisions for your patients. These "snipets" are designed to wet your appetite to learn more about endocrinology. Before acting on this information, it is highly recommended that you consult a contemporary endocrine textbook (e.g., UpToDate in Medicine) or refer your patient to a Board Certified Endocrinologist.

Endocrine Review 1999

Endocrine Review 2000

Endocrine Review 2001

Endocrine Review 2002

Endocrine Review 2003

Endocrine Review 2005

DM-2 Treatment Options 2006

Avandia 2007

Beyond Treatment Guidelines 2008

Endocrine Note The Utility of Glucose Monitoring January 2009 (a)

Endocrine Note Tight Control in the Elderly Diabetic January 2009

Pregnancy, hypothyroid and h/o Grave's Disease March 2009

Lantus insulin and the risk of cancer June 2009

Osteoporosis: One Endocrinologist's Treatment Guidelines August 2009

DM-2 and Bariatric Surgery: Time for a New Approach January 2012